Frequently Asked Questions

How was Dolphin Therapy Land created?

Dolphin Therapy Land is a continuation of the German company Kidsanddolfins which was established in 2002 and were the first to offer dolphin therapy in Turkey.

The therapy team has worked over 14 years as a part of Kidsanddolfins, serving over a thousand patients during this time and now aims to continue its service at the Land of Legends Theme Park, an ideal location for both therapy patients and their families.

When can we come to dolphin therapy?

You can plan your trip anytime between 15 April and 1 November.

What is the minimal age for dolphin therapy?

Dolphin therapy is available for patients from 3 years old and above.

How can I get a reservation for my child?

You should first fill out the therapy application form. Once our doctors have approved your application we will contact you. You may then complete your reservation by paying the 500 Euros pre-payment with your credit card on our payment page.

Do you have a doctor and medical services available?

We have a dedicated full-time doctor on standby plus an ambulance at the entrance of the park.

Who will receive us at the airport and how will we commute to our hotel?

Our transfer staff will meet you at the airport holding a sign with our logo and your name. Once ready, we will take you to your hotel free of charge and help you to settle.

How will I contact you upon my arrival on the first day?

After your flight and hotel reservation you are required to fill in your travel info form from which we will know your hotel arrival date and hotel information. Our therapy staff will come to meet you at your hotel on your first day to go over the therapy program together and answer your questions. We will begin the therapy the following day.

What will first day at therapy be like?

There will be a quick check-up after your arrival at the therapy centre. Then after putting on the appropriate clothing the patient will slowly enter the pool and meet the dolphins.

Do we need to bring life vests or wetsuits with us to the therapy?

No, all these items are available in our therapy equipment room. Please bring your personal items such as sun lotion, etc.

Are we allowed to watch the therapy process and take photos & video?

Yes, your comfortable watching spot will be ready and you may take any footage you like.

We will also have a professional photographer whom you can hire.

Is there a place to take a shower after the therapy?

Our therapy rooms have hot water, a shower for the disabled, automatic adjustable bed which can be used for changing, toliletries and towels ready for your use.

Can we as parents or caretakers also get to swim with dolphins?

Absolutely, you will get to experience this on the last day, free of charge.

What will we do every day after the therapy?

The Land of Legends Theme Park is Turkey's largest theme water entertainment centre which the patient's family can use free of charge. You can spend time here.

There are: white sands, a private tropical island, palm trees swaying in the wind, a crazy river, themed pools, wave pool, surf pool, over 72 slides, 5D cinema, a water coaster which starts its ride in the water and reaches the height of 43 metres, picking up speed up to 86km and goes on for 525 metres. It is also the first open air aquarium in Europe which is open to the public. There you can see many kinds of Mediterranean and oceanic fish, you can go on a water safari and see the sharks, white whales, walruses, penguins and even tigers.

After the treatment in Belek, Antalya, you will enjoy the sea, sun and everything else in the all-inclusive hotels.

If you would like a cultural or a shopping tour of Antalya, boat tours, sightseeing in Alanya, waterfalls tour and other activities our Concierge team can help you organizing this.

I am unsure of my child's reaction to dolphin therapy and what to expect.

You will have a great time at one of the best locations for dolphin therapy on the planet with the planet's loveliest animal.

I haven’t been to Turkey before. Will I have a comfortable stay?

We are located in Antalya, a massive tourist hub with over ten million visitors annually, over three hundred 5-star hotels, amazing cuisine and wonderful places to see. It is renowned for its beautiful blue sea and vast beaches. Everything is easily accessible here for our guests.

Do you have Wi-Fi available at the therapy centre and in hotels?

Wi-Fi is available and free of charge at the therapy centre and in hotels.

I’m travelling together with a patient and an 80-kg wheelchair. How can I get help at the airport, during the flight and also during my stay at the hotel and therapy?

During the check-in the patient is given a wheelchair by the airline company and will go through the passport control with the accompanying person. A specialized vehicle takes them to the plane where they are taken to their seats. If the patient cannot walk, they are carried to the seat. All this is done before other passengers are taken on board. The same procedure is applied upon arrival. The patient leaves the plane before other passengers and then they are taken by a specialized vehicle to passport control, escorted to take their luggage and are taken to the transfer vehicle waiting for them. In other words, the patient is constantly looked after by someone from the very beginning of their journey until they reach their destination. In case of long lines at the passport control and flight transfers, the patient and the accompanying person will be taken through without waiting.

Hotels' staff is usually attentive to tourists' needs but they will be happy to help you for a small tip. We have trained personnel at the dolphin therapy centre and during the therapy sessions who take care of the patient's transfer.

+++ Dolphin Therapy Land ???

The Land of Legends is a theme park and dolphin therapy is its social responsibility project. The team here is professional and will try their best to make you happy and serve you with their hearts and souls. Our guests at Dolphin Therapy Land can enjoy free access to the Land of Legends Theme Park as well as a free session of swimming with Dolphins on the last day of therapy.

We can recommend a few hotels within the walking distance from the therapy centre which also have especially designed rooms for people with disabilities.

The distance between our therapy centre and Antalya airport is only 25km.

Our concierges will help you with your transportation, car rental and social activities.

There are dedicated spots for patients' families to meet and to watch therapy from at the therapy centre.

Our therapy venue is a lagoon-shaped pool which gets deep gradually. This means patients are not required to jump strait into deep water. This significantly speeds up their adjustment to the therapy environment.

We have five bottlenose dolphins on our therapy team. All of our dolphins work exclusively for therapy; they do not participate in dolphin shows.

We have staff who can speak foreign languages.

We have four therapy rooms each equipped with a personal closet, an automatic adjustable bed which can be used for changing, a shower for the disabled, a toilet and a sink. The housekeeping team cleans the therapy rooms and leaves clean towels and toiletries for you to use. The doctor's office is next to the therapy room providing a quick and easy access to the patient if the need arises.

Do we need a travel insurance when travelling to Turkey?

Travel insurance is required and we advise you to purchase your insurance before departing your home country.